I'm Dan.

Super duper designer / developer.


I am a web designer / developer based in Northampton, UK. I love all things web and get kicks from taking dreams or ideas and turning them into reality.

What can I do?

I like to take a simple approach and execute it well. I focus on the message you want to convey by breaking down your vision and piecing it back together with beautiful design and the perfect typography.

I have an extensive knowledge from taking an idea from a crude pencil sketch all the way through to the beautiful end product. I have harnessed the knowledge and have fused design and logic to get the job done.

How do I do it?

So the story begins by me simply putting pencil to paper (Hi-tech, right!?). I move onto my trusty design tool, Balsamiq (Look it up it's great!) to wireframe the layout and create some mockups. Once I am happy and you are happy I then dive into Sublime Text Editor to start doing all the Matrix style coding! (Badass!). I then deliver your website like a pizza. The End.

I am here to help.

I’m currently not available for freelance work.

However, you can find me hanging out at JBH doing my thing! You can contact me here at dan@jbh.co.uk